Aviation Rescue Center of EMERCOM of Russia

Airplanes and Helicopters Repair Hangar

Khabarovsk Aviation Rescue Center, EMERCOM of Russia
Airplanes and Helicopters Repair Hangar
Concrete slabs
1800 m²
April 2020
Number of hangars
Deployment time
80 hours


In April 2020, a pneumohangar was installed for the Aviation Rescue Centre, EMERCOM of Russia at the Khabarovsk Tsentralny airfield.

Before installing the hangar, the Client had to maintain and repair Mi-8, Mi-26 helicopters and An-74, Be-200ChS airplanes outdoors. Low temperatures and strong wind made the technicians’ work hard, that’s why it was necessary to create urgently a reliable shelter, which could accommodate various types of aircrafts.

The solution was a deployable aviation hangar having internal dimensions 40х45 meters and 22 meters high completed with 37 m wide and 13 m high pneumatic gates as well as heating, lighting and fire alarm systems.



The Customer

A permit for construction was not needed for assembling the pneumohangar, the structure was installed on the site made from airfield plates in close proximity to the flight strip. The new pneumohangar allows creating comfortable working conditions for staff, increase the speed and quality of aviation facilities maintenance.

The Angarstroy  company completed the order for EMERCOM of Russia in the shortest possible time. In just 3 months, work was completed on the engineering, production, delivery and installation of the hangar in Khabarovsk. All installation work was completed by an erecting crew of 18 people in 7 days.

Aviation Rescue Center of EMERCOM of Russia

Khabarovsk Aviation Rescue Center, EMERCOM of Russia is a task force and effective organization, being a harmonious combination of excellent technical base and highly qualified specialists. The base unit is located at the Tsentralny airfield in Khabarovsk. Aviation units have also been established and Mi-8 helicopters are on permanent duty in the main administrative centers of the Far Eastern region: cities  Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Magadan. Currently, the Far Eastern rescuers fleet includes 16 aircrafts. Among them are one An-74 and four Be-200ChS amphibious aircrafts, two Mi-26 helicopters – the largest ones in the world, and nine Mi-8 MTV helicopters.

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Reinforced PVC to resist extreme heat, cold, snow
Quick deployment without construction permits
Light and compact for quick delivery
Simple and easily transportable structure with quick assembling
Uninterruptable power system ensures the operation of the building in case of blackouts
Monitoring system reports power cutoff, an increase of wind